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Everybody say "Hi Stephanie!"
Stephanie is married and a mother of two girls who works from home. She loves reading, gaming (who doesn't!), baking, and sports.
And she is now the proud owner of the entire giveaway package. Wahoo!


Stephanie- winner

Sorry you missed our giveaway...

Thankfully for you, we've gotten you a great deals just to thank you for stopping by! 😀

Quicken Deluxe (From the makers of Mint.com and Turbo Tax) is the top rated, "the most comprehensive personal finance software," by Top 10 Reviews.

Connect you to your bank for accurate spending reports, estimate your debt pay off and make accurate, easy to follow budgets.

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Quicken $10 off

Get all the great books from the giveaway for 20% off!

Amazon is offering a great deal to help you save money while getting your budget in order. They have a MASSIVE selection of personal finance books, including The Total Money Makeover, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Millionaire Next Door and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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